The Siamese twins could be separated a few years ago: what they look like now

The birth of Siamese twins is a rare phenomenon. In past, when such babies were born, doctors refused to deal with them. In more complicated cases, they just suggested the parents get used to their condition as they weren’t able to separate them. Sometimes they said, that the surgery might harm one of he babies.

However, medicine has advanced a lot and now doctors are able to make miracles even in the hardest cases. For example, twins Erica and Eve from California were lucky, as they happened to meet specialists who could do the impossible.

The girls were born in 2014. Unfortunately, it happened so, that in their mother’s womb the girls grew up in such a way, that they were born with two legs and one body. Although the doctors had assured everything would be successful. In 2016 a complicated operation was held to separate the babies.

As a result, the girls have one leg for each, their internal organs are safe. They quickly recovered. Their parents don’t know how to express their gratitude to the doctors, who agreed on such a complicated surgery.

In present the girls live a happy life. They were given special cars to help them move around. The girls love each other and, like real twins, can understand each other even without words.

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