The Revelation of Nick Vujicic: “Easter is not only about cakes and eggs”

This man, born without arms and legs, is a living legend, powerful speaker, a writer, loving husband and father of 4 children. In his Easter message he has recently announced that Easter is about Christ’s sacrifice, and not about rabbits and eggs. “Easter is coming soon, and I want to focus on the relentless and comforting love brought to us by Jesus Christ during the coming week. Many people associate Easter with rabbits and eggs, but I want to focus on Christ’s sacrifice for US!”, wrote Vujicic on his Facebook page on Sunday. “Despite our dirty, sinful, human nature, Jesus sacrificed Himself, proving His love for us on the cross so that we could become whole personalities. I can’t wait for the holiday to come so that I can once again plunge deeper into the realization of God’s love”.

Nicolas Vujicic was born in Melbourne, in the family of Dushka and Boris Vujicic, immigrants from Serbia. At first, the parents couldn’t get used to the special boy, but by the time, they began to love their son with all his advantages and disadvantages. When he was a child, his physical disabilities, of course, depressed the boy. At the age of 10, he wanted to take his own life. But as soon as he remembered how much his family and relatives loved him, and how much pain his death would cause them, he stopped even thinking about it. That was the time, Nick found himself in Christianity, realizing the power of divine love.

The first time he preached in a church, he was 17. And at that moment he realized it was his calling. To convey his views to a wider audience, Nick Vujicic gives lectures and sermons. He has visited 45 countries, and constantly expends the borders of his trips. He has motivated and is still motivating millions of people around the globe to be happy. “My mission is to help people to find their way of life”, says Nick. “Become a friend, when you need a friend. Give hope, when you need it yourself”, says Nick. “If no one opens, knock on several doors at once”.

At the age of 19, Nick met the love of his life  – Kanae Miyahara. They married in 2012. The wife loves her husband a lot, and supports him in every aspect. On February 14 the next year, Nick Vujicic and his wife first became parents. The couple had their first child, who was named Kiyoshi James Vujicic. And after 2 years, their second son, Dejan Levi, was born. In 2017, the Vujicic family was replenished with 2 adorable girls. Twins Olivia and Ellie were born in late December. They love to travel together. Nick has a full life. In addition to his performances and job, he has a hobby. He likes to go fishing, play golf and football. Nick Vujicic’s motto is – never give up!

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