The pastor donated his kidney to a parishioner. No one could imagine how this might end

This story is full of amazing coincidences. This may be either fate or providence of higher powers. Everything started when pastor Tim Jones performed in one of the charity events with his favorite song “Sow Mercy”.

A parishioner of his church Don Herbert also liked this song. This topic brought them closer together and put a start to their strong friendship. Such a small coincidence. Two weeks later, Don was hospitalized. He needed immediate kidney transplantation.

Unfortunately the relatives and friends of the man were not suitable donors, so his wife started seeking help from strangers on the internet. When Tim Jones found out about this, he decided to help. The pastor gave tests, and as it turned out, he perfectly met all the requirements of the doctors.

However, serious and unexpectable news awaited him. When Jones came to the hospital for operation, the doctors found out one artery behind his kidney was infected by a fatal stage of aneurysm. It was literally a ticking time bomb. If this artery had ruptured, the pastor would have been in danger of fatal outcome.

After the operation of kidney transplantation, the doctors solved Jones’s problem with another successful operation.

This is how one good deed saved two lives at the same time.

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