The oldest Siamese twins in the world

These Siamese twins lived for 68 years

The probability of Siamese twins being born is 1 in 200,000 cases, and their survival rate is only 5-25%. But Ronnie and Donnie Galyon became record holders. They lived for 68 years.

They shared a common lower abdomen, but each had their own heart, stomach and limbs. For the first two years, doctors tried to find a way to safely separate them, but unfortunately there was no result.

Then the boys’ parents decided to adapt them to life as much as possible by hiring a special person. Ronnie and Donnie successfully mastered these skills, and since they were not accepted into a regular school, they began working at fairs and exhibitions.

The twins often mentioned that they grew up happy children, and never felt deprived. And the work made it possible to cover the necessary medical expenses.

Ronnie and Donnie were best friends to each other, and were fond of fishing and baseball.

They were able to take care of themselves until 2010, when Ronnie fell ill. A viral infection gave a complication to the lungs, and this significantly weakened the immunity of both brothers. But they lived after that for another 10 years.

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