The mother of 10 sons finally had a daughter. Unexpectable happiness!

Becoming the first mother in Great Britain to have 10 sons, Alexis Brett thought nothing could surprise her any more.

However, it turned out life had other plans for this 39-year-old mom. She gave birth to her 11th child who was an adorable girl.

“We are in the seventh heaven”,- said Alexis cradling her newborn – Cameron.

I was expecting to hear we were going to have another boy. But when I learned it was a girl, I was surprised.

“I was shocked, but happy. Now she’s here, with us. This is an amazing feeling.”

The girl is only a few weeks old, but she already has a significant impact on her brothers who are 2-17 years old.

44-year-old father David, who’s a locomotive driver, said: “they behave themselves when around her, try not to make noise so that she won’t wake up.”

“They even wanted to hold and feed her. It’s so cool!”

Alexis mentioned they didn’t plan having Cameron, but she’s very happy there’s finally a girl in the family. Now she considers her family complete.

“Now we’ll definitely stop”,- says Alexis laughing,-“I said the same thing the previous time too, but this time I’m really serious. I love my family the way it is now.”

Of course people make comments about the number of our children, especially when I got pregnant again. But I don’t care what people say. We are used to it. Some people think we get benefits from it, but it’s not the case. David has a promising job, and that’s why we don’t even have the right to full child benefit.”

Alexis says she didn’t expect a girl. But she believes Cameron will become an excellent member of the family, that includes 17-year-old Campbell, 16-year-old Harrison, 14-year-old Corry, 11-year-old Lachlan, 9-yar-old Brody, 6-year-old Hunter, 5-year-old Mack, 3-yar-old Blake and 2-year-old Rotagaid.

“I never planned having a big family, but now I have it and I really like it”,- says she.

“I was always joking, saying I had no idea how to deal with a girl…everything has changed. It was fun to buy all these pink things for the first time.”

Alexis believes she’s immune to all contraceptives. She’s now considering sterilization.

Alexis gave birth to Cameron 12 days ago, but is ready to go back to work in a few weeks. She works as a part-time fitness instructor.

Alexis says her day starts at 5:30 a.m., an hour after the husband leaves for work. She uses this quiet time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead, drink coffee, take a shower before the children wake up.

The mother claims she does laundry 49 times a week and vacuums the house 7 times a day.

“It’s not easy when so many boys run around the house, but I like when everything is neat and clean. I can’t stand the mess”,- she says.

Cameron’s crib is near the wall with the inscription “It’s a girl”, and is covered with blankets and flowers. The boys are not yet used to her presence, and are constantly trying to take a look at her.

Alexis says: “Sometimes me and David look at each other and ask ‘what have we done?’ But when the boys do some funny things and make jokes that we laugh at, we understand it was worth it.”

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