“The little miracle”: What the girl with unusual mutation looks like, born in a Nigerian family

It happens that sometimes life presents us with all kinds of gifts. And, most of the time, unexpected ones. This happened in an absolutely usual African-American family.

Married couple – Ben and Angela – moved to live in England for some period of time. There were already two kids living in the family, but the couple wanted one more. During pregnancy everything was great, Angela had no difficulties or complaints. However when the child was born, everyone was in shock – both the doctors and the parents themselves.

The third and the most unusual child was born in 2010. The surprising things were her light skin and hair, even though her parents are African American.

Ben couldn’t consider that his wife had the baby from another man, as in this case the child would’ve been, at least, mulatto.

The worried parents immediately went to doctor to have their daughter checked. Fortunately, the doctors informed that this unusual for their race appearance of the girl is nothing more than just a genetic mutation, that is no threat to her life.

Now the girl is 10 years old. She is surrounded with love and care. By the way, her facial features are just like the father’s.

Such a mutation is rare, but still possible among African Americans.

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