“The little fighter”: this 8-year-old girl was born without legs and became a successful gymnast

We know many famous sportsmen that have faced a lot of difficulties in order to reach the heights of the sports Olympus. However, there is no need for Paige Calendine to tell us her story full of difficulties. Everything is clear – the girl was born with pathology, she has no legs and instead of this she is a gymnast.

As a child Paige saw gymnastics on TV and realized, it was what she wanted to do. The girl’s mom supported Paige’s desire.

Now the girl is 8 years old and is a member of a gymnastics team in Ohio. During her interview with journalists, the girl confessed that gymnastics was all she wanted to do in her life and would never plan to give it up.

Gymnastics is not the only sport Paige does. She’s also engaged in archery and cheerleading with swimming. Her whole family supports the girl as much as possible and tries to insert self-confidence in her.

Paige has a dream to take part in Paralympics. Seeing the girl’s aspiration it looks like the jury would be astonished by her.

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