The girl who gave birth at the age of 11 and her 14-year-old daughter

No one would think they are mother and daughter

In 2005, Valentina Isaeva “became famous” in her homeland; she became the youngest mother in Russia. She had a daughter at the age of 11, named Amina.

The father of the child was 19-year-old Habib Patakhonov. Isaeva lived with her grandmother Antonina Zenkina, and the guy rented a room from them. Habib seduced Valya.

The news about the pregnant 11-year-old girl shocked the country. Patakhonov was tried for having an affair with an underaged, but he received only a suspended sentence. The guy promised to get married, which he did when Isaeva became an adult.

Valya studied, and Habib found a job to provide for his family. A few years later, the they had another child. Their son Amir was born in 2013. Later, information spread that Habib was abusing his wife, and that his relatives had found him a new spouse in his homeland (in Tajikistan).

Valya and Habib began getting invitations to a show, where the woman even got into a fight with her husband’s new “bride”. However, it later turned out that all this was a staging, for which the “actors” received considerable amount of money.

In March 2019, Isaeva gave birth to her third child from her husband. Another son, who was named Damir. The family was invited to television again, but this time they refused.

Now Amina, Valya’s eldest child, is already 14 years old. The girl plans to go to university after school. They do not look like mother and daughter, but like sisters.

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