The girl ran away from her father and was forced to steal. The security guard took her to the office and…

When I ran away from our house, saving myself from my abusive father, I found a flat for me. I was broke, especially after paying my rent and the deposit. For the next month, I tried to survive without a job. Local laws required to obtain a state-issued certificate, which would be provided only after a month of residence in the specified position.

To reduce the feeling of hunger, I used to smoke cigarette butts that I would find on the streets. Every day I stole small chocolate bars from “K-Mart” and “Walgreens”. These were thefts worth no more than $10, but one day I was caught in both places.

In “Walgreens” they just told me to put it on the table, saw that it costed $5 and let me go without calling the police.

In “K-Mart” the plain-clothes security guard caught me and took me to the office. I was told  they had been watching me for the past few weeks. They had noticed how I used the blind spots in surveillance cameras. They noticed, that I visited the store every day, but never bought anything.

After asking me to get everything out of my pockets, calculating that there was a total $7 worth of food there, the guard began to fill out a report on me.

“Female.” “18.” “Brown hair.” “Blue eyes.” “5’8 ft.” “95 pounds.”

When I told him my weight, he turned, took a look at me and asked why I was stealing. I told him my story.

After a while, he began to put all the items in a plastic bag and told me he would be back soon. 5 minutes later, he came back with a huge bag of groceries and gave it to me saying: “I don’t want you to steal from this store again. This will do for a week, until you get your state-issued certificate.”

I burst into tears… The guard comforted me and said that everything was fine and I could overcome it. He said, I could turn to him whenever I needed something.

I was crying all the way home.

When I got a job, I visited the guard who changed my life. I tried to pay him back for the groceries he then bought for me. But he refused to take them, despite my persuasions. He said, that seeing me with a job and not starving was a great happiness for him.

I will never forget you and what you did for me. Thank You!

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