The girl from England covered 90% of her body with tattoos and this is not her limit

Many people are already used to the fact, that everyone expresses themselves as they want. And the phrase “your body – your choice” is stuck in our heads. But still there are cases, when you can’t help but wonder, why people decided to do this to themselves.

This girl from England has always dreamt of having a tattoo one day. After all, even her father has his whole body tattooed. Still many people dream about this, and they realize their dream. The question is – how far they can go.

For example, Nadine did her first tattoo a few years ago, and now is one of the most tattooed girls in the world. 90% of her body is covered with pictures. As there is a limit to her skin, some of the tattoos were combined with others and turned into a single blue mass.

Nadine didn’t stop at tattooing body parts only. She has also upgraded her earholes putting plugs, did the so-called “snake tongue”, i.e. the tip of her tongue is forked.

One can’t even do such things for free, but Nadine payed for all the modifications quite a lot of money – about £15,000.

The girl often has to face public criticism and incomprehension. Even her relatives are not pleased with what she’s done with herself. But the girl likes her appearance and nothing more is needed.

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