The father had been saving up money for many years to buy new shoes for his son: the meaning of father’s love

Parents are ready to face everything for children’s sake. They strive to meet our needs and provide us with everything we need and want. The love our parents give us can’t be compared with anything else. This story, that happened in Philippines, is a proof of it.

This old man brought his teenage son to a store to buy him new shoes. After choosing nice shoes, they went to pay at the cash register.

Imagine how surprised the sellers were, when instead of a wallet, the man took out a box with a lot of coins. Apparently, he had been saving up money for a couple of years.

After counting the coins, father realized he was able to pay for the shoes and his face lit up with happiness.

This was posted on Facebook by the employees of the shoe store who wanted to praise the caring father. Here’s what they’ve written:

“Guys! Let’s be grateful to this dad: he bought new shoes for his son with the money he had been saving up for several years. A smile lit up his face when he counted the coins and bought the pair of shoes for his son… Amazing! You’re a great dad! Respect!”

Indeed, the act of the father is amazing. What do you think?

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