The child of an ordinary Russian woman and the Nigerian prince

Everyone wanted to see what their child was like

In the modern world, technology is developing at the speed of light. For several years now, humanity has had the opportunity to do what was considered impossible in the last century. Interethnic marriages have moved to a completely different level. The days when marriages were concluded only between people of the same nationality and social status have already passed. Today, love and your own choice are the key to creating a happy family. Various social networks and dating sites provide an opportunity to meet a person and fall in love with him, even if he is on the other side of the world.

The love story of today’s heroes shows how strong love can be, and what wonderful children are born from interethnic marriages.

Jacob and Natalia met when they were studying at university. The guy was born and raised in Nigeria, but went to Russia to study.

At first they were just friends, and then their feelings turned into love. The young people decided to get married.

However, it turned out that it would not be easy to do this. The guy’s mom easily accepted her son’s choice, but Natalia’s mother did not want her daughter to connect her life with a foreigner at all.

But feelings won out, and the young people got married. After that, it was time to build a career. Since it was difficult for Jacob to do this in Russia, they decided to move to Nigeria and start a new life together there.

For almost a year, the poor girl fiddled with the documents, but everything finally worked out. Her husband’s parents gladly accepted the Russian daughter-in-law.

After a while, they had a baby. Everyone wanted to know what he looked like.

Look what a handsome boy was born! It feels like he inherited the best genes from his wonderful parents.

Natalia admits that she has never regretted her decision. She has a wonderful son, a loving husband and wonderful relatives. Now she has her own personal mini-blog where she talks about her life.

An important nuance: it was only in her husband’s homeland, that Natalia found out he was a prince. What an unexpected surprise!

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