The canine friend of the family saved he two-year-old boy

What can be more terrible for parents than an accident or even a fatal one with their child?

This story could’ve ended tragically if not the dog Leala. Everything started, when this married couple visited a friend with their son. Little Sasha was playing near the pond. Nothing seemed trouble-prone, until Leala noticed that the boy was lying face down on the water.

The faithful dog immediately rushed to help, but she failed to pull the unconscious boy out of the water. Then she went home and started barking loudly, trying to gain the parents’ attention.

When the dog led them to the pond, Alexander’s pulse was barely palpable. For half an hour they tried to save the boy’s life with artificial respiration and indirect cardiac massage.

The prognosis of the doctors who arrived at the place of the tragedy were not so optimistic. They prepared the parents for the worst: the kid either wouldn’t survive, or would stay disabled all his life because of brain injury.

Sasha’s father said at that moment he was only feeling a strange mixture of sadness, horror and disbelief of what was happening. All the things happening were like a slow motion movie for him.

The boy’s mother had the same feeling. Police, ambulance and their dying child – a terrible picture for any parent.

After two days in coma, Sasha finally regained consciousness. That was a real miracle for the whole medical staff.

The kid’s father now always claims, that if not the faithful dog, their child wouldn’t have had any chance of survival.

What a story! This is another proof how smart, faithful and brave creatures dogs are. Laela’s big heart and courage saved such a young life, thereby saving the boy’s parents from the most terrible tragedy – the loss of their child.

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