“The best dad-mom for her”: Wife left her husband with their newborn daughter, and he became the best dad

The best thing in the world for him is the sweet smile of his daughter!

Richard had a small family with his wife and their newborn daughter. However, everything changed in an instance. When the baby appeared in their family, the wife started always complaining about everything. Then one day she finally left the family saying that she needed some time alone.

Richard was in a shock! He was left alone with a little girl and had no idea what to do with her and how to raise her properly. At some point, Richard started thinking he was going crazy as a single father. He did not have enough time for everything and nothing seemed to work for him.

However, whenever he looked at her little daughter, Richard realized that he had to pull himself together and start working hard in order to provide his daughter with a carefree childhood and a happy future.

The man began to get used to his situation, started reading special literature for parents. Although everything written there was mostly for mothers, Richard managed to handle it.

And when the girl grew up a little, the man had to learn some new things too. He needed to learn how to braid her hair, paint her nails and even follow the fashion, so that his daughter looked no worse than her peers. Every night before going to bed, Richard would watch video tutorials on how to take care of little girls.

In general, Richard did all this so that his daughter didn’t feel the absence of her mother. It turned out that the woman was just living her life and had long forgotten about her ex-husband and daughter.

The girl’s name is Persephone, and she is happily growing with her father. Over time, dad and daughter became so close that now they are inseparable.

They are happy together and do not need anyone else in their small family. Persephone calls her father “the best dad in the world”, although she used to call him “dad-mom”.

Richard was able to cope with all the difficulties by himself and no longer remembers the first few weeks of hell after his wife left. The best thing in the world for him is the sweet smile of his daughter, and he is ready to do anything for this smile!

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