The best childhood memory of the two princes

These childhood memories will never leave their minds!

Sometimes, children become the only victims of the adult world.

In the picture below you can see Prince William and Prince Harry playing the piano together.

The young boys are about to face a stormy future!

There are cameras hidden in every room. Some people are constantly watching over them and their family, but this doesn’t prevent them from enjoying their childhood.

Prince William and Prince Harry were just happy brothers, before family and international policies penetrated their lives.

Just two brothers playing the piano while their parents are watching them with their loving eyes. Instead of being political leaders, they are just parents that enjoy the antics of their little children.

And nowadays, we see these two adorable brothers snowed under personal and public problems. There are even disagreements between the two brothers.

However, these beautiful childhood memories will always remain in their hearts! Hope one day they will find a way to restore their relationship as brothers!

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