The amazing story of Nadia Suleman, the mother of octuplets and 14 children

In 2009, Nadya Suleman became famous after having octuplets. By that time she had already had 6 children. Nadya was born 43 years ago in Fullerton. There she received secondary medical education and worked as a nurse in a clinic. But, apparently, proximity to the Mecca of show business – Hollywood –  has done its job.

Suleman wanted to be like Angelina Jolie. Perhaps, she didn’t become “Mrs. Smith” with appearance, but with the number of children they were quite equal. But then Nadya wanted to be recorded in the Guinness Book as a woman given birth to the most children at once. The woman didn’t count on the nature, so she turned to IVF.

For this, she persuaded the doctor to implant twelve embryos during the IVF procedure. The doctor did so, although the law let no more than 2 embryos. It should be said that later he was deprived of his medical license for such actions.

When Suleman’s husband found out his wife wanted to get pregnant by IVF and have so many children, a scandal broke out. This ended with the man leaving Nadya.

The birth of the octuplets, of course, made a splash in the USA. But still, Nadya didn’t manage to get into the Guinness Book of Records. After a while, a woman in India gave birth to 11 children.

In the USA a show about the “Octomom” was going to be lunched. This didn’t happen. Once she told in an interview that her house was put up for auction for debts and she had no means to survive. Then she announced: “I hate my children!”. Perhaps, she was overflown by emotions when she said this, but the public clearly didn’t like it. Suleman opened an account and asked help from kind-hearted people. Nothing came of this idea either.

Then everything got worse. Suleman hoped her parents would help her. But after a while her mother died of cancer, and her father got in a car accident and was paralyzed. Now he was the one in need of help.

Later, “octomom” went to very radical measures, more specifically, she was shooting in films for adults and working as a stripper. As you might guess, this did not contribute much for Nadya to be called a good mother in society.

Soon, however, she refused to keep doing the dubious work. Suleman then decided to return to the work as a nurse. She works very hard at her new workplace in the clinic, trying to provide her huge offspring with everything necessary.

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