“Thank you for your love”: NFL rookie bought a house for his mother

His mother no longer has to worry about rent

In a heartwarming gesture, one of the NFL’s newest players has expressed his deep gratitude to his mother for the love and guidance she provided during his upbringing. Upon signing with the Washington Commanders, Phil Mathis, a talented former Alabama defensive tackle, decided to surprise his mother with an extraordinary “thank you” gift—a brand new house. Through an Instagram post, Mathis announced this touching gesture, ensuring his mother would no longer have to worry about rent.

At the age of 24, having just received a signing bonus of $2.639 million as part of his four-year, $7.506 million contract with the Commanders, Mathis faced numerous possibilities for utilizing his newfound wealth. Yet, he made the selfless choice to dedicate a portion of his signing bonus to purchase a home for his mother. Demonstrating tremendous maturity and gratitude, Mathis captured his mother’s emotional first visit to her new house in a series of heartwarming photos and a touching video shared on his Instagram account.

Amidst the many opportunities and temptations that come with a substantial sum of money, Mathis’ decision to prioritize his mother’s well-being is truly remarkable. His generosity and thoughtfulness exemplify the remarkable character of this young athlete. Congratulations to both Mathis and his mother on this joyous occasion, as they celebrate not only his successful NFL career but also the enduring bond between a mother and son.

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