Texas Boy Killed on His First Day of School — He Left for School in the Morning & Never Returned

Landon Bourque, a 15-year-old student at Heritage High School, was hit by a truck riding his bicycle to school. The teenager was about to start his first day as a sophomore, but friends from school will forever remember him as a kind and funny person.

Landon Bourque, a 15-year-old about to start his sophomore year in high school, did not know that his first day would also be his last.

Bourque was riding his bike to school, but as the rest of the parents dropped off their children, they drove past what looked like the 15-year-old’s destroyed bike.

Immediately, everyone had a feeling that something terrible had happened, but it was worse than any parent or schoolmate could imagine.

The Fatal Car Crash

According to McKinney Police, Bourque was on his way to school when he got hit by a truck trying an intersection at about 5:30 a.m. The truck driver stopped to help the Frisco Independent School District (ISD) student, but he did not survive the crash.

After the crash was reported, it was confirmed that the teenager was about to start his sophomore year at Heritage High School.

The 15-year-old was also a member of the Heritage Coyotes football team and had left an impact on some of the parents. One mother, Sabrina Elrod, who was dropping off her child around the time the crash was reported, said her son noticed that the destroyed bike on the road belonged to Bourque. “It was awful, very awful,” she said.

Elrod said Bourque was a good friend to her son Cohen and one of the few people that helped him find his way around when they moved to the town.

Many of his friends also had good memories of him. One of them, Nolan Swyres, remembered Bourque as a funny person who always tried to lighten the mood. “He was just someone I was glad to have around,” Swyres added.

Bourque will also be fondly remembered by his high school. The Frisco ISD, released a letter of condolences and wrote, “Landon was a beloved member of the campus community. His loss will be felt by the Coyote family, and our thoughts go out to the Bourque family and loved ones,” wrote the school district.

The police have since removed the destroyed bike, but investigations into the crash are still underway. It is not yet clear if any charges will be filed. However, drivers did stop to tell the police about how dangerous the intersection was.

Residents told the authorities that the two large schools in the area need more police to patrol and help make the traffic manageable. It was also indicated that the school crossing guards were not yet on duty at the time the accident occurred.

After losing one of their beloved students so tragically, the district officials said counselors would be sent to Heritage High School to assist anyone who needed help processing the tragic loss.

Bourque had recently celebrated his 15th birthday on July 4. When he turned 14, his mother shared sweet pictures of him as a baby and as a teenager, followed by a sweet caption. “Always keep smiling…it looks good on that handsome face!” wrote his mother, Shannon.

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