Talented 10-year-old boy became an amazing skater

If you are determined to achieve something, nothing can stand in your way!

Max Abramov proves that if you want to achieve something, nothing can stop you!

This Russian boy became a talented skater at the age of 10. But the most surprising thing is, that he has no legs, and uses only his arms to skate.

When the boy was only 6 months old, he ended up in a tragic accident. In 2011, the baby’s bad caught fire. As a result, doctors had do amputate both his legs. A year later, another family from St. Petersburg adopted the boy. As he grew up, Max realized it was easier for him to move around on a skateboard. One day he visited a skate park and started dreaming about becoming a professional skateboarder.

There Max met his future coach who supported the boy to achieve his dream. Max’s mom also stood by his side. Pavel Mushkin – the coach – always encourages him to try new moves outside of his comfort zone. With his help, Max managed to learn performing complicated tricks.

Even Tony Hawk – legendary American skateboarder – has noticed the boy’s talent.

The man posted a video of the boy on his Instagram account, mentioning that Max was his “new favorite skater”. The post brought Max thousands of followers on Instagram. Everyone indeed admire the talented boy.

“After that unexpected post, Max became a celebrity overnight!”, said the coach. Lots of people then messaged him ‘OMG, Max, you’re incredible!’

Max, surely, was overjoyed and encouraged by such messages and comments. The boy hopes to one day take part in Paralympics, if skateboarding ever becomes a part of the competition.

“I really want to take part in the Olympics. I don’t dream about victory, I’ll be happy just by participating. It’ll be so wonderful to skate with professionals!”, said Max.

We are sure Max will achieve his dream with his determination and will-power. Who knows, maybe he actually becomes the winner!

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