“Story with a happy end”: nobody wanted to adopt this boy. How he lives now.

Today the story is about a very kind hearted woman, who gave this little boy a chance for a bright future.

Priscilla Morse had already had 2 adult children. However, they wanted to adopt another child. They met a little girl who, unfortunately, had Dawn Syndrome. This didn’t scare the couple and they adopted her anyway.

From then on, they have been raising this kid as their own, showering the girl with love and affection that she needs so much.

The kind deeds of Priscilla’s family do not end with only this. Later she saw a photo of an abandoned little boy, and immediately wanted to take him. The husband wasn’t against and agreed on this serious step.

And despite the fact, that the kid was in Bulgaria, these kind people went there for him.

The kid turned out to have a few diseases and his appearance made people cry with pity.

In a few months, the kid was getting better and could even eat by himself.

Now Ryan is already speaking and is able to do many things himself. Although, doctors didn’t believe he could.

Soon he will go to school and learn a lot of things. The main thing isk that he looks quite happy. Thins means Priscilla and her husband did nothing in vain.

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