“Story of the Day”: Cat leads an elderly couple to a black bag with a hand hanging from inside

It’s never too late to start a family! 

This elderly couple was on a walk in the city when they came across a stray cat. The cat captured their attention and led them to a black bag. The couple was shocked noticing a tiny hand hanging from the inside of the bag.

Jeffrey and Pamela are an elderly couple in their 70s and they have been married for 50 years. They had no children and spent their savings on themselves. Although they really wanted to have children, they couldn’t achieve it in the natural way, and the adoption was impossible because of their busy schedule. 

One day there were on a walk discussing what they were going to do with all their money. They had planned several trips and still ended up having some spare money. 

This is when the black cat stopped them. Pamela thought the kitten just wanted to be patted. She wanted to feed him with some bread she had with herself, but the cat ran away and kept looking back as if telling them to follow him. The couple followed the cat. He stopped at a tree next to a large bag. 

The cat then started scratching the bag gently to poke a hole. Then a tiny hand reached out of the hole. Teh couple went closer and suddenly heard a child’s crying. Pamela peeked inside and saw a newborn baby. She was in complete shock!

Pamela immediately took the baby out of the bag, and Jeffrey called 911. Soon the baby was taken to a hospital and Pamela and Jeffrey went to the police for a questioning. 

The police soon found out that the mother of the baby was a 19-year-old orphan named Lily. She couldn’t afford raising a child and apparently decided to leave it in the woods hoping that someone would find it. 

At hospital, the baby was named Joey. He was soon put under foster care. His foster parents were kind and open-minded, so they let people visit him. Pamela and Jeffrey also visited the family often. 

One day Pamela met Lily, who also had found where the baby was and visited him. She was trying to change the diapers but couldn’t do it. Pamela willingly helped her and even engaged into a conversation with the young mother. She said that she had always wanted children of her own, but was unable to do it. After a long conversation, it turned out that Lily also wanted to have a family of her own, have parents, get amrried and have children, but fate was unfair to the young woman. 

Her story really upset the couple, and they decided to welcome Lily into their family. They also found the cat that led them to baby Joey and adopted him. The once unhappy strangers became a happy family in a short time. 

Every child deserves a happy life. They don’t ask to be born, so it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their children have a decent shot of life. Parents are not those who give birth to children, but those who raise and take care of them. 

It’s never too late to start a family! 

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