“Still a happy smile on her face”: This adorable baby was almost never born because of a strange birthmark

She is just the happiest baby ever!

Birthmarks are special and sometimes even fatal. After all, they forever remain in a person’s life. Sometimes, people with birthmarks seem strange to other, but, in fact, they are really unique and special.

This story is about a little girl named Winry. She was born with a birthmark that makes her special.

Nicole Lucas Hall is a happy mom to 2 children – Asher and Winry. Winry is a 13-month-old little girl. She was born with a birthmark that covered almost a fourth of her face. Nicole can never forget the first moment she and her husband saw their daughter. They had never seen such a huge birthmark and were concerned about her safety.

“At first I thought it was a bruise. Then we realised what it actually was. It looked more like a mole”, recalls Nicole.

The parents were afraid it was something very dangerous. But the doctors soon explained them everything. Little Winry was born with a rare congenital melanocytic nevus. This does not threaten the health of the baby and is purely aesthetic.

Although the baby was healthy, Nicole was still concerned about her future. She started using online platforms to promote awareness and to encourage others that being different is also a superpower.

Her huge birthmark is a surprise for many people and something that they see for the first time. This is why Nicole enjoys sharing her photos on social media, so that people will get used to different appearances.

The baby’s health and happiness is a priority to her parents. She requires special care and her mom does everything right. But Nicole is not alone.

Winry also has an eldest brother who takes great care of his special sister. Every little girl needs a caring big brother to protect her, and Winry is a lucky one. Nicole is sure her son is completely unaware that there is something different about his sister. Of course, he knows that his sister has a huge mole on her face, but he doesn’t consider this a difference. The mole is no different from his different colors of eyes.

Winry is the first person in her family to have this birthmark and she is happy about this. Nicole says she radiates joy, making everyone smile and love her. “She is just the happiest baby I have ever seen!”, says Nicole.

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