Starving baby from Nigeria was miraculously saved

The belief in humanity is restored by such kind-hearted people!

Nowadays, there are many charity organizations that visit small and poor countries in order to undertake every possible measures to provide poor people with everything necessary. Very often they come across already starving adults and children , who also have no roof above their heads.

Caring and generous simply cannot ignore the suffering children who stick to life with the hope of meeting someone who will actually give them a second change to live.

Our today’s heroine is Anja Ringgren.

She noticed a starving child lying in the middle of the street. Anja immediately rushed to him and gave him some food and water.

She didn’t hesitate even for a minute before offering her priceless help. The poor kid looked extremely exhausted and unhealthy, so Anja took him to a hospital. With Anja’s help, the child managed to survive.

The woman stayed by the little boy’s side during the whole process of treatment. She simply refused to leave him in such condition.

Anja decided to take the child to Denmark, where he could receive even better treatment. After a while the boy regained energy and strength and started looking much healthier. The boy was named Hope!

Currently, Hope is fond of sports, especially football, and painting. He is absolutely healthy now and doesn’t lag behind his classmates.

Judging by his paintings, you can see that he has a great understanding of art.

The boys sufferings began when the whole nation abandoned him, considering him a witch.

In fact, Hope was not the only child left in the streets of Nigeria.

It’s been 6 years since that awful scene, but the boy still can’t hold back his tears when he looks at his first photo.

Apart from Hope, Anja managed to save another 300 lonely babies from Nigeria. They received a second chance to live, have a loving family and receive proper education. The belief in humanity is restored by such kind-hearted people!

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