Spouses of different races had twins: what they look like 6 years later

They look both very similar and very different at the same time

Hannah and Kyle met each other in a bar in England. Their connection started with a small talk that lasted only a few minutes. Soon they started dating and all their friends and family were thinking about one thing only – whose DNA their children would inherit.

Nature had its own plans for this couple. They had identical twins. However, one of the girl looks like her mother, and the other one looks like her father.

After two months of dating the couple decided to get married. And three months later Hannah found out she was pregnant. As there were no twins in any of their families, the spouses were expecting only one child. Later, at the second ultrasound, it turned out that Hannah was expecting twins. The spouses were pleasantly surprised by this news.

Mila and Anaya

The girls were born prematurely, and weighed 2,520 and 2,860 grams. The doctors were shocked to see these twins. After all, they looked completely different. Anaya has a light skin color just like her mom, and Mila is dark-skinned like her father. Aside from that, the girls eventually developed quite different personalities.

The twins came as a shock for the neighbors too. And whenever Hannah and Kyle go for a walk with the kids, they keep asking if they indeed are related. But the family doesn’t take any offense from such questions, because they themselves were shocked and couldn’t believe that such a thing was possible.

The twins grew up to become popular in their country. in 2015-2016 numerous publications started publishing their photos with their story. Over time their popularity decreased. But people still get completely baffled when they meet these twins. They look both very similar and very different at the same time. The girls are equally beautiful, active and determined.

Have you met such twins?

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