So small, but so strong: despite the disappointing predictions of doctors, the paralyzed girl still learned to dance

Whatever happens, she will always keep fighting! 

Everyone knows that the climate in British Columbia is not very affectionate, and this influenced the fact that baby Seattle Lennox caught a bad cold at the age of 1 year and 3 months. The disease had severe consequences — bilateral inflammation of the spinal cord. And this turned into a terrible disease — transverse myelitis. As the doctors predicted, the girl was expected to be paralyzed and die in infancy.

Today Seattle is already 9 years old and she is quite an active child: she can run, swim well and even dance.

When the baby was sick, the problem was aggravated by age. When she had to start walking, to be active a lot, she completely lost control of her body.

Her muscles did not develop, the musculoskeletal system degraded, the necessary reflexes were not developed. The girl was like a prisoner in her body.

But thanks to her fortitude and stubbornness, Seattle was able to stand on her feet. The fact is that she was very jealous of her siblings that they could walk, run, play, and was not going to somehow lag behind them.

Therefore, the baby decided to learn to walk herself, but in a very unusual way. She literally moved her legs and arms, not automatically, as everyone does, but forcing herself to do every movement. And after a few years, she already had something to brag about.

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