Single mother from Uganda is raising her 38 children

This heroic single mother never complained about her condition

Unfortunately, there are many single mothers in the world. They sometimes complain about all the difficulties they face while raising their children all alone. And here’s a single mother from Uganda who is raising her 38 children all by herself, never complaining about anything!

The woman later shared her life story. Apparently, her parents forced her to marry at 13. Her husband was 27 years older than her.

The man had a cherished dream of forming a huge family. The first time they had twins, but didn’t want to stop there.

When he woman gave birth to her 23rd child, they turned to a doctor. It turned out, that the woman had an increase in ovarian function. It’s unbelievable, but the spouses had 38 children.

The woman never regretted her big family. But one day, her husband decided to leave them, forcing the woman to bring them up all alone.

Despite all the misfortunes, the mother never fell into despair. She never gave up and is now doing her best to provide her children with everything necessary.

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