Single dad adopted a girl with Down syndrome, who was rejected by 20 families

41-year-old Italian Luca Trapanese has always dreamed of becoming a father. It was a shared desire with his partner. Despite the fact that the couple broke up, the man continued to dream about fatherhood. But he was not married and therefore he was not allowed to adopt a child.
Everything changed in 2017, when he was finally able to apply for adoption. Moreover, he deliberately wanted to adopt a “problem” child with physical or mental disorders.

“For me, a child with a disability is not an extreme option, but a conscious choice”, he said.

In the same year, he received a call which informed him about a girl. She was Alba, with Down syndrome, who was only 13 weeks old. The baby needed a home — her mother had given up on her in the hospital.

The orphanage offered 20 families to adopt Alba, but they all refused to take her. Only Luca happily agreed to take the girl home. He never held a newborn in his arms, but when he took the baby, he immediately realized it was the right decision.

A single father at the first meeting with his adopted daughter realized that Alba had the same strong character as him. He noticed that she liked to communicate with other people. So Luca began to take her for walks in the park, to museums, and even sometimes to his workplace.

“I’ve been a volunteer since I was 14 and worked with people who have disabilities, so I had enough knowledge and experience,” Trapanese said.

Luca Trapanese has written a book about what it’s like to be a single gay father, raising a child with special requirements.

After the book had been published, Luca became famous. He is often invited to TV shows and public debates. And Luca displays the life of baby Alba on his Instagram. Here he proves that a happy childhood is possible despite any prejudices!

And what do you think about Luca’s action?

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