“Simon’s mouth drops open!”: Shy girl grabs the mic and shocks everyone with her stunning performance

The room was filled with her beautiful and flawless singing

It’s quite exciting to watch a child or a teen perform on live TV or at a talent show. Given their age and degree of expertise, you are not sure what they are capable of. They usually need to practice a lot before performing on the stage, especially when it’s their first big stage. This audition from Britain’s Got Talent, 2010, is still remembered by many.

No one from the audience, viewers and even the judges knew what to expect from this 14-year-old singer, when she frist appeared on the stage. But the young lady’s voice and talent immediately stunned everyone. Her performance was really passionate.

Olivia Archbold got on stage as a shy and nervous little girl. And when the judges heard what she was going to sing, they began scratching their heads in disbelief. Olivia had chosen the song Arms Of An Angel. In a matter of just a few seconds the whole room was in awe.

From the judges, Simon was the most amazed. He was completely mesmerized by the girl’s vocals and talent. The room was filled with her beautiful and flawless singing. Her vocal control is just amazing for a girl her age. A real talent!

The feedback of the judges left the family and friends of the girl shocked! They described the girl’s performance as “simply stunning”. The parents already knew this, but it is still pleasant to hear such praising words about their daughter from world-famous professionals.

Watch Olivia’s audition in the video below and you will understand why she received such praise!

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