“Shocking Story”: Mother found out that her son’s fiancé was her missing daughter for 20 years

The bride herself didn’t know about this

The wedding started as a joyful and happy day. However, after a while everything turned upside down. Even the best filmmakers cannot think of such a coincidence!

The groom’s mother noticed a very familiar spot on the hand of her future daughter-in-law. This is when the woman realized the girl was her daughter who went missing 20 years ago. She had the same birthmark as her daughter!

At first, the mother thought it was a coincidence. But the woman was really curious and wanted to know more about the girl. She asked her to tell her about her biological parents.

The family members were surprised by the woman’s unexpected question, because she was the first person ever to ask the girl about her biological parents. But the girl’s family was not against the question, and told her the whole story.

It turned out, that the girl’s current parents found the newborn baby on the street 20 years ago. They adopted her and started raising her as their own. The bride herself didn’t know about this and couldn’t help crying listening to the story.

She was overwhelmed with emotions seeing her biological parents after so many years and in such circumstances. Moreover, she realized that she could not marry the love of her life!

But this is not the end of the story! The groom’s mother had something more to add. Apparently, after losing her first child, the mother decided to adopt another child. So, the groom is not her biological child!

This allowed them to take the wedding to the end, marry each other and live happily ever after!

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