“Shocking discovery after 60 years”: Best friends for over 60 years just find out they are brothers

Their friendship blossomed over the years

Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane forged an extraordinary connection during their time together in sixth grade, forming a bond akin to that of family. Their friendship blossomed over the years, unaware of the remarkable truth that the two men, born on Oahu, Hawaii with a mere 15-month age gap, were indeed half brothers. Robinson had been adopted immediately after birth, while Macfarlane was raised by his grandmother, oblivious to the identity of his biological father.

Their friendship spanned over 60 years, marked by shared experiences such as attending Punahou school together, playing football side by side, and even playing on the same softball team for Aloha Airlines. They lived close to each other for most of their lives, never suspecting that they were related and shared the same mother.

Curiosity about his own background led Macfarlane to use DNA-matching websites to learn more about his ancestry. His daughter gifted him a subscription to Ancestry.com, and as they delved into the matches, they uncovered the astonishing truth. The realization of their familial connection left them astounded and overwhelmed with emotion.

Despite the surprise, looking at Robinson and Macfarlane side by side, their resemblance is apparent. Not only do they share physical similarities, but they also dress alike. Their extraordinary story went viral, capturing the attention of people worldwide. When they appeared on Steve Harvey’s TV show, they received a standing ovation from the audience, showcasing the impact of their heartwarming journey.

The revelation of their brotherhood has brought even greater depth to their long-lasting friendship, forever intertwining their lives in an unexpected and beautiful way.

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