She was left alone in the wild. After 20 years the little girl’s photos delight people all over the world

Being born in 1990, Tippy lived in the African savannah with her parents Sylvia Robert and Alain Degre for 10 years.

“That was a wonderful time! We used to live in the wild together with our kid”, told Sylvia in her interview with “The Telegraph”.

“She was a happy little girl living in the wild for up to 10 years. The three of us lived among wild animals, having no contact with other people”. Tippy’s parents were always focused on her safety, even though some of her photos will make you doubt this.

“Many farmers from these areas took care of orphaned animals. So we got used to the fact that they could come too close. They became almost tame and got used to people, so Tippy could safely approach them.”

The professionalism of Tippy’s parents is amazing! The photos they took of their child with the wild nature on the background, are just fantastic!

Disheveled hair, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and wild animals make the photos magical! You can spot the strong bond between Tippy and the animals. After 10 years, Tippy and her parents returned from Namibia to Paris. However, the wildlife of Africa still holds a special place in her heart. She has returned to these wonderful places 6 times, to film a documentary for the channel “Discovery”.

Today Tippy is 27.

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