She was crying all the way back after the cashier’s act when she couldn’t pay for the soap for her child

I bought groceries with my card, but the soap and deodorant – for the only five-dollar bill I had. I checked my card balance before I reached the store, and thought I had $120. But, as I later found out at the register, I only had $70. I was so ashamed when I was returning all the products. I was just trying to make sure I could bring some food home to my son.

You were very patient and kind when we were deciding how to balance my purchases properly. Then it was time to pay for the deodorant and baby soap.

The soap was, in fact, more expensive than it was written on the price tag, and I had to keep only the deodorant. I really needed it for my baby to take a bath. I was ready to do it!

But you didn’t let it happen…You reached into your pocket and gave me some extra money, so that I could buy both.

I was crying all my way home! Not because of the products I had to leave, but because of your kindness. You had no idea how hard the last few months had been for my family. And you had no idea how much that two dollars meant for me. You will never understand how important your small act of generosity was for me, but it was huge!

I would like to know your name, so that I would contact Wal-Mart and say what an incredible woman works there. And I would like to thank you somehow for what you did. Instead, I am writing this post, just in case you read it one day…

Nowadays, there are many great people in the world, and you are one of them. I will never forget you, and what you did for me. Thank You! I wish you the best in the world!

The goal of life – be useful, be honorable, be compassionate, have some value in order to live and live properly.

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