She loved her pet very much, not knowing who she was actually raising

He covered his old lady with his body, protecting her from the criminals

Dogs and other animals have long been brought by people for company and protection. But sometimes wild animals become the best friends for a person.

This story happened in a small Siberian village, on the outskirts of which a lonely elderly woman lived. She had no family, and had buried all her loved ones long ago. She kept a small household and lived on her pension.

One day hunters passed by her house. In the village, you can safely ask for a rest at any time of the day or night and taste tea, paying for it with a conversation. Tired men reached the village and knocked on the last house in which our heroine lived. They took a small prey from the forest – three little cubs who were left without a mother. The men left early in the morning. They took a wolf cub each, and left the third weakest one on the woman’s porch.

Small predators in childhood are very similar to ordinary mongrels and the hostess decided that it was someone’s puppy who wandered into her yard or ran away from the village children. Since the owner was never found, the animal remained with her.

Wolves do not differ in large size. Therefore, it was no more difficult to feed the pet than an ordinary dog. Though sometimes a forest hunter woke up in him and he was happy to chase chickens and geese around the yard. But he loved his old lady and obeyed her. That’s why he only did it when she wasn’t looking. And if he got caught doing what he had done, he ridiculously pressed his ears and crawled on his stomach, asking forgiveness for his pranks. In summer he lived in the yard, and in winter he often spent the night in the old lady’s house. Due to the fact that he did not bark, but only howled and growled, she called him Wolfie.

One day rumors spread through the village that fugitives from prison were wandering through the taiga and people began to keep their doors locked.

But the old lady lived on the outskirts, so the news did not reach her. Or maybe she just didn’t pay attention to it.

One evening there was a knock at the door. The naive and simple woman let the unexpected guests in, who turned out to be the fugitive criminals. They went out to the village in search of food and clothes. The attackers thought that they would do their dark deed with impunity, leaving no witnesses and quietly disappear into the forest. But fate acted otherwise.

Wolfie was waiting in the room. Only now it was a real forest predator, which showed its animal grin and growled threateningly, blocking the owner with its body. One of the criminals took out a knife and wanted to harm the animal, but he only managed to injure his paw.

But Wolfie showed his real fierce face. The uninvited guests had no doubt that they were facing an adult and very dangerous predator. They preferred to run away from the scene of the fight, but did not get far. Local dogs raised barking and howling so much that all the men jumped out of the houses, armed with guns, axes and pitchforks. What can three exhausted fugitives do against an angry crowd of strong men. They were caught as forest animals and handed over to the police.

Wolfie recovered. But since then, he has become even more wary of all outsiders. He only loved and guarded his owner as before.

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