“She is not aging”: Mexican actress Salma Hayek amazed everyone with her stretching skills and appearance

“I am too curous about life, so I will never grow old”

It is really difficult to accept that the famous Mexican actress Salma Hayek is already in her 50s. She still looks gorgeous and outshines most of her co-stars.

Recently, the actress has pleasantly surprised her fans with a new magazine photoshoot in a fashionable sparkling fur coat, high heels and beautiful makeup.

Her next look was in a volumnious vibrant-colored dress with a floral print. She left none of her fans indifferent, and they rushed to comment on her stunning appearance in the comments.

Many of her fans were amazed with her stretching abilities at her age. “Bravo! You look stunning!”, “She has no equals”, “I have no words to describe how much I am delighted!”.

Salma Hayek herself has revealed, that the main secret of her “ageless” appearance is yoga.

“I am too curous about life, so I will never grow old.I know 15-year-old girls who are older than me”.

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