She had been hiding this box in the attic for 40 years. When her husband found it, something unbelievable happened

No one expected this!

Bill and Chris Brennan were married for over 40 years, despite the secret that had been standing between them all this time. Everything started in 1975, when the young lovers wanted to run away from noisy New York for a few days. The couple rented a house in the countryside and still on the train they were looking forward for the sweet moments of their short vacation.

Bored on the train, Bill scribbled a few words on a napkin. With a mysterious smile, he handed the napkin to his wife, and waited for her reaction. Chris read: “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, dear!” There was an infinity sign at the end of the line. The answer was just silence and her gentle look filled with love.

From then on, Bill never changed his marital tradition: every day for 40 years, the devoted husband wrote love letters to his wife. Sometimes he would change the content, but every note ended with the infinity sign.

There was one thing that Bill didn’t know. All these years Chris kept his love letters in the attic. On their 40th anniversary the wife finally decided to uncover this little secret to her husband. In the evening she asked him to bring al the boxes from the attic. After opening them, Bill couldn’t hold his tears back. Letters, as witnesses of their happy marriage, were always there.

Every year Chris sorted out the letters by date. In 40 years she gathered 25 boxes. Bill was unable to believe this…

The old couple spent the whole evening in memories. “These letters are the diaries of our love,-says Chris.-I just take a letter, and immediately remember what happened to us that day”. Just amazing!

The spouses would like to post these letters to inspire the younger ones to have the same feelings. Bill confesses there’s one thing he’s afraid of: “I’m afraid, as I grow older, I may forget to write her letters every day”.

A wonderful old couple. Here’s their motto for a happy marriage:

“Love is a bridge, that needs to be built every day. Indeed, from both sides”.

No matter how we deny it, true love does exist. Share Bill’s idea with your friends. Most likely, it will help strengthen someone’s marriage!

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