She gave birth to octuplets, and they are already 10 years old. Here’s what they look like now

If you used to follow the news 10 years ago, you would probably remember this woman who gave birth to octuplets. And she had already had 6 children! Can you imagine? Our today’s article is about this woman and her wonderful children.

Is it interesting for you to know what they look like and how they live after all these years? If yes, then let’s get started!

Luckily, all her children were born healthy.

They were born with the help of IVF. She was already divorced back then, and already had 6 children. However, having learnt she was going to have 8 children at once, the woman was not afraid.

She wanted to handle all by herself. And she did it. She even wanted to film a reality show to get at least some financial support. But, for some reason, this show wasn’t shown on TV.

Look how cute and beautiful they are!

They are celebrating their birthday here. It’s obvious from the picture, they were having fun from the bottom of their hearts.

They were eating pizza, playing, having fun!

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