Robert Downey Jr. Grateful to Wife Susan, Rob Lowe, and Cillian Murphy for 2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival Award

Robert Downey Jr. won another award before the Oscars. At the 2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival, he received the Maltin Modern Master Award. This award honors people who have done great things in movies. Robert thanked the audience and Leonard Maltin, who the award is named after.

He also thanked Rob Lowe and Cillian Murphy. Rob gave a nice speech about Robert, and Cillian joked about their friendship.

Robert talked about how Rob Lowe influenced him to be a better person. Then, he praised Cillian Murphy’s talent. He also thanked his agents and mentioned having fun with them at the festival. Robert finished his speech by thanking his wife, Susan.

Later, Robert had a talk with Leonard Maltin about his career. They talked about his first movie role and other jobs he had before acting.

They discussed Robert’s documentary about his dad and his son’s role in it. Rob Lowe also gave a speech about his friendship with Robert.

They talked about movies Robert acted in and some funny moments on set. For example, Ryan O’Neal once scolded Robert for being late to a rehearsal.

They also talked about working on “Oppenheimer” and meeting his wife. Cillian Murphy also gave a heartfelt speech about Robert.

Leonard Maltin said Robert’s comeback in Hollywood is impressive, and Christopher Nolan praised Robert’s acting. Other actors like Danielle Brooks and Ryan Gosling also received awards at the festival.

Last year, Jamie Lee Curtis won the same award. Other past winners include George Clooney and Nicole Kidman.

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