“Real Thumbelina”: The smallest girl on the world. How she looks like after 17 years

Kennedy Jordan-Bromley is the name of this amazing girl born in 2003. In fact, she was born weighing only 1kg and was about 30cm (≈1ft) tall. Meanwhile, she was a full-term baby.

The doctors later found out the baby had a rare type of dwarfism, and their predictions were not comforting at all. They doubted Kennedy would live any longer.

But the child’s parents didn’t believe anyone and never gave up. They fought for the girl’s life and did everything for her to develop as her peers. And here are the results – Kennedy is already 17 years old.

She is doing good at school, and sometimes even better than her classmates. So the only thing that makes her different from her peers is her size.

By he way, Kennedy sooner had a little brother, who is growing up as a normal child. So, instead of the youngest child, he consider himself the elder brother, and always protects his sister.

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