“Real Miracle!”: what does the child born weighing 490g look like after 6 years?

This child was born really tiny: He was 29cm tall and weighed 490g.

Doctors told the parents the chances for his life were low. However, the parents didn’t give up and continued to feed the baby, who was gaining more strength day by day.

When it was clear that the child would live, the doctors again tried to scare the parents telling that the child would not be able to walk and talk. But this didn’t scare them, too!

Now the kid is 6 years old, and because of health problems he really looks like a 2-year-old child. He moves with difficulty, and, surely, differs from his peers in development.

His parents believe, that in the end they can do everything for their son to live a normal life. And they definitely can!

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