“Picture Puzzle”: Find Hidden Animals In The Picture In 11 Seconds!

Challenge your family and friends with this puzzle!

This quick puzzle will help you test your observation skills, lateral thinking skills, memory, logic and brain power in general. You only need to find 5 animals that are hidden somewhere in the picture below in 11 seconds!

“Find the hidden object” puzzles sound really easy to solve. However, they are surely one of the trickiest mind puzzles. Such puzzles are a good activity for kids, adults, students…for everyone. Check how sharp your vision and cognitive skills are!

Hurry up!!! You have 11 seconds!

1… 2… 3…

HINT: These 5 animals are hidden, so their size, color and the place they located differs from what you might expect them to be! Use your lateral skills to find them!

4… 5… 6…

When you find one of the hidden animals, make sure you compare them to their corresponding shapes given in the bottom part of the picture.

7.. 8… 9… 10… 11!!!

Now Let’s Check The Results!

Was this puzzle hard to solve? It’s understandable. After all, there are many animals running around the picture. Actually, they are here to distract your mind. Hope you stayed focused and managed to find our little rebels!

How Many Animals Did You Find?

If you managed to find all 5 hidden animals in 11 seconds, than you are good at blocking the background clutter to solve the problem ahead of you. You have great observational, lateral thinking and motor skills!

Here Are The 5 Hidden Animals In The Picture!

Great Job! This puzzle shows, that you might be good at critical thinking, have a high level of perseverance. You also have good judgmental skills and can perfectly cope with confusing situations.

Challenge your family and friends with this puzzle!

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