“Perfect Combination”: the children of an interracial couple

The heroes of our today’s story always draw everyone’s attention while walking together, since they look just amazing. They already have children. Guess how astonishing children this interracial couple could have.

James met Nicky and chose her as his destiny. After a while, they legalized their relationship and got married. Today such a union is easily acceptable, however, some decades ago this couple might be illegal.

Nicky is quite a media personality. She has her own channel on YouTube, an Instagram account with more than a million followers. The girl is also working as a model for various brands.

James is also active on social media, however he always stands behind the scenes. He’s a photographer and videographer.

The couple has 2 amazing daughters. The babies were born mulattoes. this phenomenon is easy to explain – brown eyes, dark hair and skin are dominant genes, so the girls took after their mom.

However, with some features the girls resemble their father too.

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