Parents tell the story of their Siamese twins

“We only need to wait and believe i the best!”

Hannah and Dan have recently become parents. They decided to share the story of their unique children and about their faith in the best.

The babies have two different hearts, but the rest of their body is merged.

Soon the babies underwent a surgery, which, according to doctors, was successful. It took the parents a long time to prepare mentally. Fortunately, the childbirth passed with no problems.

Hannah and Dan admitted, that they didn’t know much about Siamese twins, as they were still young parents. It became a strange experience for them. The parents named the babies Annabelle and Isabelle.

When Hannah saw the first ultrasound photos, she asked the doctor if the babies were merged. The answer was “Yes, I think so!”.

Hannah explained, that the babies really wanted to live and everyone was surprised when the pregnancy reached the 35th week.

When asked about her feelings, Hannah always replies: “I think the surgery will solve a lot of problems. We just need to wait and believe!”.

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