“Outstanding appearance”: Little beauty has grown up and amazes everyone with her flawless appearance

No on believed that this is her natural appearance

All children are the best and the most beautiful for their parents. And some parents are happy to share photos of their children with others, showing off their cute and beautiful appearance.

This is what Stephanie did. She posted a single photo of her daughter on the Internet and the users went crazy from the baby’s beautiful eyes.

Many users had doubts that the pictures were natural. They thought Stephanie had edited the photo with filters in order to make her daughter look flawless. This is not surprising, considering that the girl literally looks like a doll.

The girl’s name is Amai, and this is her natural appearance – incredibly outstanding and unique.

Her expressive facial features make the girl’s appearance doll-like and somewhat unnatural. The only secret of Amai’s unnatural beauty is her genes of mixed races. Her mom is Latvian and her father is African-American. As you know, mestizos are always very beautiful.

Stephanie revealed that Amai’s eyelashes have been so thick and long since her birth.

Stephanie has even posted a video of the little girl, trying to prove everyone that she never used any filters to change her appearance. Luckily, the video helped people believe that she was right.

Stephanie has over 100K followers on Instagram, who follow the girl’s development over the years.

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