“Only her lover can see her like this”: What Lady Gaga looks like without makeup

She is beautiful and glowing, but some of her fans are still not pleased

Lady Gag is one of the most iconic and beloved celebrities in the world. However, it is difficult to say whether she is so famous thanks to her beautiful voice and talent or her original and unique looks. Sometimes, her looks cause a huge stir on the Internet. Once she appeared in a dress made completely from meat.

Recently, it seems that the artist has distanced herself from the epatage. She started going out in elegant dresses and nude makeup. She is naturally really beautiful and it’s hard to guess that she is 36 years old.

And one day the Hollywood diva decided to reveal her completely natural appearance, wearing only a grey T-shirt and no makeup at all! This is how Michael Polanski, her boyfriend, sees her every day. They have been together for 3 years and the artist is doing her best to protect their relationship.

Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself holding a flower bouquet. She is smiling and seems happy. She is beautiful and glowing, however, the natural appearance reveals her wrinkled face which is quite normal at her age.

Some fans started immediately noticing that the artist has aged and looks like she has given up self care. They got really concerned about the singer and her appearance.

“What a beauty!”, “her wrinkles…WOW!”, “Gaga isn’t the same anymore!”, “She looks ten years older!”, “I think she chose the bad angle”.

“Beautiful and glowing complexion”, “She should have at least washed her hair before taking the picture”, wrote her followers.

What do you think?

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