Once-in-a-lifetime case when adults look like children

Their mother never gave up!

Once a healthy baby is born into a family, the life of the parents dramatically changes, filled with joy and happiness. However, no one can predicts what awaits the newborns and what hardships they will face in their life.

Today we’re going to talk about Nina, Zina and Ivan.

Nina had a cherished dream – to have a big family with 5 children. Her husband shared her dream ad wanted to make his wife happy. Soon their first child – Zina – was born. At first, nothing seemed to be wrong with the girl. After some time, they had a son – Ivan.

Just imagine how shocked the parents were, when they found out about the condition of their babies. Both the daughter and son lacked growth hormone! The parents went into despair, when they discovered this condition would affect not only their appearance, but also their mental health.

The children didn’t grow properly. Zina started talking relatively late. The father of the family got sick of this condition, and decided to abandon them, leaving his wife to cope with all difficulties alone.

The strong-willed woman demonstrated enough strength and determination to provide her children with everything necessary. She never gave up.

Since Zina had problems with mental health, she couldn’t catch up with her classmates. So her mother organized homeschooling for her.

Sometimes, people think they are little children. But as soon as they look at their faces, they get really confused.

These siblings are already in their 30s. They are independent and lead their own lives. Zina plays the guitar and does yoga. They are convinced that God is always with them.

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