“Now he’ll eat his heart out!”: the girl, abandoned by the groom on the eve of the wedding, has changed beyond recognition

Almost a year after the engagement, the couple broke up…

9 months before the wedding, 24-year-old Jen Atkin was abandoned by the groom. At first, the girl was convinced that no one would ever love her again. But still, she decided not to plunge into self-pity, but to completely change. Today she is much happier than ever before.

Jen weighed 110 kg. This number overwhelmed her incredibly. But in two years she managed to lose 50 kg and change her clothing size from 22 to 10!

After gaining a new figure, Jen feels much more confident. And she found her love again…

Here’s what the girl says: “I wish my ex all the best. But I also hope that he will regret his decision to leave me. I’m not even sure if he’ll be able to recognize me on the street. When we broke up, emptiness rang in me, but today I understand that our breakup was the beginning of my new life.”

According to Jen, she had her first real relationship with ex-boyfriend Tom. “I was surprised that someone wanted to date me. After all, my size was extremely far from the norm. I ate huge portions of pasta, pizza and incredible chocolate bars.”

The couple spent weekends at home, gorging on fast food. The more time they spent together, the faster the girl gained weight.

110-kg Jen always looked happy. But she always wanted to be thinner. “Every birthday I made one wish – to become thin.”

Almost a year after the engagement, the couple broke up. Jen cried for weeks. “Being an overweight woman, I thought no one else would like me.”

Soon the girl decided to make changes. She went to the local gym. Jen also limited her diet to 1,500 calories a day.

7 months after the breakup, Jen fell in love again. This is her friend from school, Chris Wilkinson.

“Tom and I were missing something in our relationship. Both he and I ate up this emptiness. I’m with Chris now. And I don’t need anything else.”

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