“Not in the best condition”: Jennifer Lopez admitted she suffers in her marriage to Ben Affleck

“I am suffering alone so that no one else can notice that”

Jennifer Lopez is quite successful and is living her best life now. Her music is thriving and her social media is developing rapidly. At the same time she doesn’t forget about her family. If several years ago only her childrenw ere waiting for her at home, now her beloved husband has joined them. By the way, Affleck started rarely appearing in films. The actor has probably decided to take a short break from work and dedicate himself to his family. But Lopez is now too busy with her career, and the actor is worried about that.

In her recent interview to Extra, the singer talked about her current personal life. She said she was happy to be the stepmother of Affleck’s children – Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. And Ben, in his turn, is an amazing step-fatehr to her own children. But something still worries the singer. She has too little free time, and that’s a problem.

In her interview she admitted that she barely manages to balance her career and her responsibilities as a mother and wife.

“I am honestly doing my best! I am suffering alone so that no one else can notice that. As an actress and singer, I need to show the best side of me”, said Lopez.

During the interview the actress seemed to be mentally exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown. We wish her to find balance in her life and live happily with her family!

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