“Newborn record holder”: what the girl, who is significantly bigger than her peers, looks like in present

Today we’ll tell you about a girl, who became a record holder at the age of 4. The record, however, is not quite standard. The thing is, that Chahat Kumar from India weighed significantly more than normal. At 8 moths she was already 20kg.

She was born without disorders and until 4 months, she was considered quite a normal newborn. However, later she started demanding food constantly. And whenever she was refused to have more food, she started messing around. As it turned out from a checkout, the girl weighs twice or even three times her age.

Turned out, there actually are some disorders, and the fact that she has such an appetite – is not normal. This is a genetic disorder, with which a really low percentage of the world’s population suffers. Chihat’s parents, however, are not really worried about their heiress, thinking that such an appetite is better than complete rejection of food.

Currently, Kumar is 4 years old and is still gaining weight eating everything she wants. The plus is, that this has no affect on her organism at all.

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