My grandson saved a girl in childhood, who later became his wife

They were meant to be together

One day my grandson Kostya asked me to go for a walk with him in the park. It was winter outside and it was very cold. That’s why I really didn’t want to go out, but my grandson persuaded me.

— Grandma, but you’ve always said that it’s good for children to walk in the fresh air, that then I’ll eat well!

I was forced to agree. We walked with Kostya on the playground. There was no one there but us. And it was understandable, as it was very cold outside.

— Well, that’s it, grandson, that’s enough! It’s very cold! Let’s go home! I’ve already started to freeze!

— Just a little more, Grandma! I want to walk a little more.

— I’m already cold and I have a lot to do!

— You never finish your work! – the grandson laughed and ran to the wooden house, which was located in the corner of the playground.

Kostya appeared a minute later and said:

— Oh, Grandma, look! I found a doll here. She even knows how to cry! Let’s take her for ourselves!

— It’s probably someone else’s toy and soon its owner will come for it. So put the toy back in its place and let’s go home as soon as possible! – I told my grandson.

And then I heard a really strange sound. It sounded like a squeak or a cry.

I looked into the house and saw that there, right on the snow, was a bag with a living child inside. The child had already turned blue from the cold.

I grabbed the baby in my arms, unbuttoned the fur coat and hugged the baby. Then I called an ambulance. Of course, the police came right away.

— Tell me, please, is it a girl or a boy? – I asked the paramedics.

— A girl! And you really saved her! A little more and it would have been too late.

— And who found the baby? – the policeman asked me.

— My grandson Kostya found the girl.

— Well done Kostya! – the policeman said and shook my grandson’s hand.

— Will the baby survive?

— The doctors will do their best! – the policeman answered me.

— And what will happen then?

— Well, we will definitely find her mother. Then she will be deprived of her parental rights and the baby will get into an orphanage. And then if she’s lucky, good people will adopt her.

Kostya and I returned home. I fed him lunch. And then I sat down and started knitting a beautiful cross from a shiny yellow thread.

Then I called the hospital to find out how the baby was feeling.

— And who are you to the girl? – they asked me.

I explained that it was my grandson and I who found the baby in the park. I was even allowed to go and visit the baby. We went together with Kostya and brought the girl vests and diapers. I put the cross on her neck and said:

— May it always keep you safe. I really hope that good people will adopt you and you will grow up to be a good person.

Later we visited the baby a few more times.

Over time, we learned that the girl’s mother had been found. She was an alcoholic. She was deprived of her parental rights, and the baby was given to an orphanage.

A few months later, little Vika was adopted.

20 years had passed.

My grandson Kostya had already finished his studies. He became a doctor.

And yesterday my grandson called me and said that a surprise was waiting for me, and I had to prepare. I baked pies and made Kostya’s favorite salads.

Kostya did not come to visit alone, but came with a very beautiful girl.

— Meet Grandma! This is my Victoria. We filed an application with the registry office today!

— So this is your surprise?

— Yes! So in the near future it is very likely that you will become a great-grandmother! – the grandson laughed.

I hugged and kissed him. Then I hugged Vika and suddenly I saw a very beautiful cross on her neck. Exactly the same cross I hung on the neck of the found baby many years ago.

My grandson also had such a cross, but he lost it a long time ago.

— What a beautiful cross you have! – I said to Vika.

— It is very similar to the one I once had! – Kostya said.

— Yes, but you managed to lose it! – I said.

— This is my talisman. I never part with this cross. It has been protecting me for many years! – said Vika.

I have not yet told them anything about the fact that Kostya saved Vika many years ago and it was me who put this cross on the neck of the rescued girl.

Maybe I’ll tell them about it sometime later…

But I think it’s a real magic and miracle that after this many years, Kostya and Vika met, fell in love with each other and are now going to get married…

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