Muslim doctor shaved his beard after growing it for 10 years, in order to keep saving lives

Doctor Shumel Everest Rahman lives and works in a British city of Newcastle upon Tyne. He comes from the Middle East and is a devout Muslim. Like every other men practicing Islam, Shumel also wears a beard.

Rahman hasn’t shaved his beard for more than 10 years, but recently he had to do it. All because his beard had grown too much and it  began to bother him while doing his job. His facial hair interfered with the respiratory equipment needed for doctors who are now fighting the coronavirus.

Rahman said, he had considered his decision for a long time. After all, the beard is an important component of his religion. And saving lives was his professional duty. The man even consulted with Muslim scholars and clerics. Still Shumel didn’t get full answers to his questions. In the end, he decided to shave the beard.

The doctor posted his photo on social media. After this, his friends, relatives and colleagues supported his decision. Moreover, Rahman’s story became popular on the internet.

Taking advantage of the attention he had captured with the post, the doctor told, that no great sacrifices were necessary to save lives. And in case of a pandemic, literally nothing needs to be done. You just need to stay home and go out only in case of emergency.

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